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Chapter 7 vocabulary list to fill in. Practice run on over the definitions listening quiz we have tomorrow, chapter 6 terms, 30 definitions.

Also, finish reading your part of the article. Finish the descriptive words sheet, both sides, and prepare your journal to bring in and leave in class. La semana del 30 de abril al 4 de mayo viernes: Each student assigned a section to read thoroughly and present tomorrow in the last half of class.

Quiz over the preterit tense Assigned: Review of Tratados 4 and 5 of Lazarillo de Tormes and work on the reading comprehension packet. Start the pre-reading activity for our novel, Lazarillo de Tormes. Slaps with our adverbial clauses in groups Assigned: Quite simply, we do not accept orders we cannot finish on time.

In the computer lab: A major city like London is an exciting prospect. Continue to review and practice the preterit tense as needed, practice the imperfect tense, and the uses of both. Chapters 6 and 7 vocabulary, HABER in present perfect and pluperfect, adverbial clauses and when to use the subjunctive, and the future tense to say what you will do and also to express probability.

Parte B de Practica Welcome to Brainia, where you can. You have done a great job guys, many thanks! New vocabulary list for theme 1, chapters 1 and 3.

Copy the last ten definitions over vocabulary from chapter 7. Guide sheet given to you today Computer Lab: Mil gracias to all of you who remembered to bring in food and drinks! This system of town planning is betrayed at the rear of the crescent: Practice activities given to work with adverbial clauses.

Continue to work on understanding Tratado I of Laz de Tormes and completing the activity packet over this chapter. Kahoot activity to practice with the new adverbial phrases — meaning and uses.

Keep in mind that using appropriately a variety of higher-level verbs will also make for a more interesting and better connected writing. I have tested your forms and they are working properly for me.

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Resources for Learning Spanish Free resources to help you enjoy learning Spanish quickly. For a more in-depth assignment, request that students complete a written assignment like an essay on a selected story element, a character profile, an opinion piece or .

123teachme essays
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