A level geography essay questions

Data set available from: Case studies are used but not overused, and these draw on a variety of scales local, regional and global, if required. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the method of data collection discussed above. Descriptive accounts usually involve looking at physical or cultural elements on the map.

You need to be specific about your case study area to reach the upper mark band. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the USA and is a megapolis with the population of 24 million people.

What causes different glaciers to move at different speeds? We knew that the lower class housing area of Oakwood was much larger than Locking Stumps a higher class housing area.

Fill the spaces left for your A level geography essay questions, avoiding re-runs of the question. Diagrams - This is where a good understanding of the vocabulary of thesubject helps.

The exam board offer an example answer below. Many SLSQs come with extra information, like maps, graphs and tables. Glaciers and water What landforms are associated with water in proglacial and subglacial environments? You will usually have access to pre-release material, which enables you to become familiar with the selected topic, the purpose of the study, the theory relevant to the study and some data related to the study and methods of data collection.

There is an approach which is both confident and direct. Below is an example from the exam board: Describe the purpose of your fieldwork enquiry. Fill the spaces left for your answers, avoiding re-runs of the question.

Essay questions

Met office and census data are likely to feature, but use of new technologies such as Google maps or use of OS mapping are also valid. Explain this thoroughly and use geographical terms as much as you can. Synthesis in which analyses are collated to form a statement or interpretation of the physical and cultural features observed.

For example, an OS map of the study area might be selected and, from this, co-ordinates used to identify the specific area under investigation.

Some may point to further areas of study or future work. Graphs and tables - The data these offer is invariably going to have anomalies, differences, increases, decreases and periods of decline, trends and groupings.

It is advisable to look first at the specification, at past successful titles and importantly talk to your teachers.

Others may question the reliability of the data as part of the findings. Basic response might dwell on the ease and simplicity of the methodology. In suggesting further areas of enquiry, responses are likely to focus on: Diagrams - This is where a good understanding of the vocabulary of thesubject helps.

Where a comment on process is needed comment is offered. There were trained guides to help minimise the dangers; the site was close to the car park in case of accident etc. The AS utilises analysis and interpretation of the OS map to both extend and develop your geographical intellect.

Incompleteness is to be avoided. Its popularity with many centres has ensured a place for it with a number of the boards at AS and A2. Such questions are sub-divided up with each section building on the last.

We've had a go at one for homework and I managed to get a B in it. The most important thing to remember is that he must work from the question and not be tempted to write "all he know" about a topic. An exposure to foreign maps too, is just as important as OS work.

Ice Streams What is an ice stream, and what landforms are associated with ice streaming?Are you a Geography A-Level student, teacher or undergraduate looking for some practise essay questions as part of your exam revision?

Try these questions out. Introduction - key (especially for a 15 mark essay) - provides the examiner a insight into a student's understanding of the context and the key words (which should be defined) of the question.

State your argument/stance on the question. Sample Geography Essay Questions.

Essay questions

What are the current issues relating to the chosen theme in the case study city, and how do current practises seek to address these issues, from within communities and by urban development planning and other agencies?

A-level GEOGRAPHY Paper 1 Physical geography. Specimen Question Paper Time allowed: 2 hours 30 minutes. Materials.

For this paper you must have: • a pencil • a rubber For the multiple-choice questions, completely fill in the circle alongside the appropriate answer.

Are you a Geography A-Level student, teacher or undergraduate looking for some practise essay questions as part of your exam revision? Try these questions out. The best plan -and also the most elaborate- is often the "typological plan" since it leads to a spatial differentiation and is usually supplemented by a map which illustrates the 3rd section of the essay (geography is all about maps!).

A level geography essay questions
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