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An interesting example to investigate from the German election campaign would be the fake news which was probably was meant as satirical hoax that Alexander Gauland, head of the right-wing AfD, expressed his admiration for Hitler.

The latter tribe is real, and it is hardly surprising that it is involved in the dissemination of all those news reports concerning refugees, be it in the form of fake news or of subsequent corrections.

This time, however, the cloud appears on the right and the knot on the left. Despite all the social mobility of modern society, social relations are still somewhat constricting today.

Here are some examples from the LaGeSo case: Of course, another response to the tribalism on the right would be to become tribalist in turn.

Wandel des Politischen?

We thought it would be possible to detect a leftist tribe, but this rather unambiguous answer to our question took us by surprise. This result does suggest the existence of a filter bubble — albeit on the other side.

Digital Tribalism – The Real Story About Fake News

So we repeated that test for the Fressgass story, too. In the course of the scandal, it became clear that the barkeeper had made up the entire Essay und diskurs podcast, and BILD was forced to apologize publicly.

The elephant intuitively does whatever it feels like at any moment, while the rider merely supplies retrospective rationalizations and justifications for where the elephant has taken him.

Then everything will be alright again. To be honest, I was skeptical. Can we find the same or similar patterns on Facebook? Dlf essay und diskurs podcast serial 5 stars based on reviews.

First of all, what is noticeable is that the most important terms used by correctors are not politically loaded. Nine out of 16 terms are but a general reference to news media. Relative word frequencies have also been used to identify homogeneous groups in social networks.

In recent years, a growing body of research has further inspected the connection between group identity and the psychology of perception. We can also see similar developments in Germany, but they are far less advanced.

Not surprisingly, this division in the media landscape can be traced in social media data. Information is a resource in the production not so much of knowledge than of identity—and its utility for this purpose is independent of whether it is correct or incorrect.

The conclusion Kahan and his colleagues draw from their study is disturbing: Referencing pictures in dissertation addiction to cell phones essay designer babies cons essay writing persuasive essay on homework should be banned essays sac ruck education and the existence of indonesian culture essay anthropology.

Since the state of cognitive dissonance is so disagreeable, people try to avoid it intuitively by adopting a behavior psychologists also call confirmation bias — this means perceiving and taking seriously only such information that matches your worldview, while disregarding or squarely denying any other information.

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We needed a third category in between. Many social media accounts took up the case and scandalized it accordingly. The fact that media representatives actually have a filter bubble against right-wing thought building is proven in our data.

Donald Trump and the rise of tribal epistemology, https: And yet they are closely connected online, communicating constantly with one another while splitting off from the rest of the public, both in terms of ideology and of network. Everything comes together in this great speckled cloud.

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Text by: Michael Seemann / Data Visualization by: Michael Kreil [Download as PDF][(original) German Version]The Internet has always been my dream of freedom. By this I mean not only the freedom of communication and information, but also the hope for a new freedom of social relations.

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Karin Priester Wesensmerkmale des Populismus. Populismus ist kein Substanz- sondern ein Relationsbegriff. Er zeichnet sich aus durch Anti-Elitarismus, Anti-Intellektualismus, Antipolitik, Institutionenfeindlichkeit sowie Moralisierung, Polarisierung und Personalisierung der Politik. Dlf podcast essay und diskurs deutschlandfunk.

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