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This isolation of vocabularies of the epoch chimes with much later work, even if the rest of the book is essayistic in approach.

Carl L. Becker

In The Beginnings of the American Peoplehe elaborated on his doctoral work by advancing the thesis of a dual American Revolution —the first being the struggle for self-government and the second the ideological battle over the form such government should take. His purpose for writing this piece is to inform people about what democracy is to him and how we as Americans have to be more intelligent when it comes to democracy.

He opens with his ideas on democracy, then a background, and then what the ideal form is. In it we can as easily pack a dictatorship as any other form of government.

Ideal democracy carl becker offers a fresh look at how concepts and institutions of representative government developed and how understandings of self-rule changed over time on both sides of the Atlantic. Whether it be a dictatorship or a monarchy people have a choice of what they want, but they may have to live with consequences that are given.

We have only to stretch the concept to include any form of government supported by a majority of the people, for whatever reasons and by whatever means of expressing assent, and before we know it the empire of Napoleon, the Soviet regime of Stalin, and the Fascist systems of Mussolini and Hitler are all safely in the bag.

From what I can see, Becker is a dense writer and he takes a while to get to the point. To me it seemed like he thought that religion and democracy go hand and hand.

If you can learn this skill, you can produce good work very quickly. A minimum of eight sources A minimum of two visuals A bibliography page, cited in MLA format Footnotes or in-text citations Students are given deadlines to meet which include: Democracy is just that, a luxury.

Can somebody explain to me Carl Becker's Ideal Democracy?

In my opinion this is the part that ties his entire speech together and is when it makes perfect sense. He says how until more recently democracy has not had a lot of success except in smaller states. Each deadline is a daily grade.

There may be headings that indicate the criteria, but if not, you need to learn to skim to identify those things he thinks a democracy must have. Notions about what constituted true democracy preoccupied many of the most influential thinkers of the Western world, from Montaigne and Roger Williams to Milton and John Locke; from Rousseau and Jefferson to Wollstonecraft and Madison; and from de Tocqueville and J.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Then I would, point by point at least five pointsshow how the American form of government meets those criteria. Becker knew the reasons we got our independence from England and feels like maybe we lost sight of that. This course allows students to write in a variety of forms— narrative, exploratory, expository, and argumentative— on a variety of subjects from personal experiences to public policies, from imaginative literature to popular culture.

He wants people to know that how we are heading now can be really bad for our future. When he ends with the ideal democracy it drives his point home and gives the audience his most important part behind his speech last.

An Excerpt from Democracy. Why is it important to know about rhetoric and how what you learned about rhetoric can you use in your writing?Carl Becker Democracy, like liberty or science or progress, is a word with which we are all so familiar that It would be possible then to define democracy either in terms of the ideal or in terms of the real form -- to define it as government of the people, by the people, for the people; or to define it as Page Democracy by Becker.

The Work of Carl Becker and his views on Ideal Democracy relates closely to the way our government and society works. Backer’s views also depict the wrongs in our way of conducting democracy.

Throughout the text I found some parts personal because of the way it spoke about defining democracy. I don’t think this is right, democracy is the best form of government because we have choices and religion makes choices skewed.

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Ideal democracy to me, is living without fear. Works Cited. Becker, Carl L. Modern Democracy / by Carl L. Becker. New Haven: Yale UP ;, Print. Becker, Carl L. Jun 08,  · Best Answer: Ideal Democracy- kitaharayukio-arioso.comment of the people the people the people Real Democracy- kitaharayukio-arioso.comment of the people the politicians whatever pressure groups can get their interests taken care ofStatus: Resolved.

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Carl Becker Ideal Democracy Quotes

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Ideal democracy carl becker
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